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New Class - Gambling 101!

Registration Opens Sept 15th!


***New Class: Gambling 101***

Gambling 101 will teach the what/why/when/where for distance work. Handling our dogs from a distance is not only necessary for Gamble classes, but also is a popular trend for layering obstacles in Masters/Challenge/International course design. The ‘why’ of this course examines in detail how dogs move especially with regard to leading leg, next to their human partner. This is a starting place for this course. Understanding how dogs move with us, and how/when they need information to change leading legs so they can land in the correct direction, is the critical part of pulling off a successful gamble. It isn’t rocket science, but it is ‘science’ to a certain degree :) Whether you compete in AAC, CKC, USDAA, AKC or UKI, distance skills are required. They play a 33% role in Canadian Regional/National Agility championships. This course is Limited to 20 working spots and unlimited Audit spots. This course will be run in a Private group on Facebook, to allow easy access on all platforms. (Auditors will be able to watch all videos posted, see the feedback, but will not be permitted to ask questions.) There will be 6 lessons posted biweekly commencing Tuesday September 24th thru December 3rd. Let 2020 be the year you ROCK the Gamble!!


Working Spot $150 - Limited to 20 dogs

Auditing Spot $45


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2020 BOOTCAMP episode 15


Whether your stopped contacts are broken, or you are training them for the first time, this course will have you on your way to brilliant contacts! NO CONTACT EQUIPMENT REQUIRED. This course is 8 lessons/12 weeks. Lessons will be posted bi-weekly and weekly (mixed).   It is suitable for puppies too! (aged 8 months +). Material list will be provided upon registration. For adult dogs –    If you are tired of not Qualifying because of those ‘pesky contacts’ help is on the way!  Embrace the Yellow!   The work can be done IN your home.  Video may be uploaded for my feedback as often as you like.  Class begins September 24th and the last lesson will be posted December 17th. At the successful completion of all 8 lessons, you will be ready to take it to the contact equipment.

Working Spot $250