animals in motion, connecting on course

  • 4X Canadian World Team Member
  • FCI 2010, 2011 (Top 10 Midi 18")
  • WAO 2012 (Bronze Biathlon), 2013
  • 2X Canadian AAC National Champion 2012, 2017
  • 5x BC AAC Regional Champion: 10Sp, 16Reg, 16Sp, 22Sp, 26Reg
  • AAC Masters Judge, UKI Judge
an amazing experience - top 10 in the world

an amazing experience - top 10 in the world

ABOUT: Nicki Gurr BSc BEd, owner/head instructor at AniMotion Agility


The game of agility involves humans and dogs (animals) moving around an obstacle course together (in motion) as efficiently and accurately as possible. Efficiency requires mutual understanding between the two – a connectedness on course, and accuracy requires not only skill and understanding, but the ability to do it at speed.

It is breathtaking to watch a team running in perfect unison, speaking the same ‘language’ and completely understanding one another for those fleeting seconds. It is an experience all handlers strive for: ANIMOTION: animals in motion connecting on course.

Nicki’s  handling philosophy emphasizes handling predominantly with naturally understood cues by her dogs; cues that require little or no translation time by the dog. Today's courses require a medley of skills - among them  solid foundations that educate the dogs to understand their job on course and how to do it physically correctly and SAFELY, Verbals and other short cuts for handlers to keep ahead of their dogs, also play a bigger role with courses allowing more speed and ground to cover. Some handlers will ‘need it all’, while others can emphasize the physical more than the verbal. Finding the best choices for each team is key to getting around the course efficiently and confidently - for the human and the dog.

Nicki has competed in Agility for 19 years with 8 dogs: 6 Border Collies and 2 Shelties.  She has over twenty First place championships in National Standards and Jumpers events, and has excelled in distance work (Gamblers) with both Shelties and BCs .as well. She has had success in multiple associations: AAC, CKC, FCI, USDAA, UKI, AKC.  Nicki is a Masters Judge with the AAC and UKI. Nicki has worked with MANY students and a diverse range of dog breeds. Her strengths as an instructor are in her eye for detail and her ability to guide a handler to the BEST handling choices for their partner.  Her background is Science and Music.  She believes Agility is a natural combination of the two:  Moving in rhythm with another species, and training for repeatable behaviour.  She has worked with Novice beginners to experienced World Team Members, and has helped many discover what their dogs already knew! 

My language is English, my dogs’ language is motion -
where I move, how I move, when I move - whether I intend for it or not,
my dogs will always want to respond to it