“Nicki’s online 2020 Bootcamp has been so good for Jewel & I.  Jewel is a young dog, just learning what this agility stuff is all about.  I’m now learning how to properly teach her the 2020.  I already knew the importance of it because I didn’t have it with my older dog…only that slow creeping down the final section of the dogwalk.  Thank you Nicki for your very clear explanations, videos, and feedback.  Also, your computer setup for your class is by far the easiest I’ve experienced.”  Jo-Anne von Schleinitz  – BC

“Very valuable, was awesome having another set of eyes and someone else holding me  accountable on my cueing. The break down of the exercises was great, well explained.”Thanks Nicki.  Lynda Caughlan, Olds AB

Thank you Nicki for all your help. This course has helped us with so much more than just 2020. Impulse control is one of Tally’s difficult tasks and we now have some of the tools to improve that as well as a better understanding of our criteria for 2020. Can’t wait for the next part!” Sandy Mack, Vancouver

“Nicki… thank you. Finally a training session I actually worked through!  It has been wonderfully powerful having small sessions that are actually small sessions and not something you have to spend hours figuring out how to do it. The course was fun, useful and your feedback was beneficial.”  Joanie-Leigh Elliot, Vancouver BC

“This course is definitely more about what the handler learns than the dog. Step by step, attention to details, weekly accountability, and patience…it was hard work…and fun, too. We are going to have killer contacts.”  Claire Cragon

“You  can spend a lot of time training what you think will give you the result you want but are you really? This step by step process helped me learn that I was not training what I thought and my dog did not know what was expected. The precise, immediate and abundant feedback helped us follow our plan more quickly and exactly to get the best outcome.” Louise Schulz