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 Pre-agility classes are for ANY puppy or dog starting their journeys in all dog sports/conformation. We emphasize body awareness,  impulse control, shaping (learning HOW to learn), manners and FUN! These classes occur when 3-4 puppies of similar age are ready to start - or when 3-4 dogs are interested in starting.   If you have plans for a puppy joining your family in the near future, complete the WAIT LIST FORM below. Puppy pre-agility is a terrific start for any pup/dog and their human!

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building the team, one layer at a time


Puppy Foundations, Foundations for Agility, Novice, Advanced, Masters/International Handling classes.  Group and Private lessons.  Group instruction is limited to 4-5 dogs max in a class.  Complete the WAIT LIST FORM if you would like to be take part in a weekly handling classes. 

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Foundation classes emphasize Impulse Control, Body Awareness and Shaping Behaviours

Foundation classes emphasize Impulse Control, Body Awareness and Shaping Behaviours

Learning how to learn!

Learning how to learn!


Privates are limited to one topic and are 60 minutes long.  They can be shared between 2 dogs (semi private).  30 minute lessons are only available for working on performance of one obstacle/skill.

Note: Lessons must be paid for 24 hours before scheduled lesson. 

Private lessons may be available on weekends as time permits. E-mail to book a private lesson.


The Travelling Trainer program is ME coming to YOUR backyard to work on skills and training challenges pertaining to Agility. Priority will be those living outside of the Cowichan Valley and area. The sessions are 1:1 or can be shared with a friend. Multi dog/same household discounts. Everything from puppy foundations skills to assessment/training plans/ and video analysis of trial runs. Drills will be created to work with equipment you own and your environment. There are plenty of ways to teach skills needed in the ring!

If you would like to make an appointment with the Travelling Trainer (that’s me!) complete this questionnaire:

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Thank you for completing this Questionnaire! I will be in touch when I can make a visit to your neighbourhood!