THIS‘NTHAT- Fri July 26th 9am-12:30pm

1 spot available

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THIS ‘N THAT is all about consistency in handling. “If I do this, my dog does this. If I do that, my dog does that, NOT this”. By understanding why the dogs slice vs shape, collect vs extend, change lead, refuse vs commit, you will gain a deeper appreciation for honing in on what you want and how to get it. My goal as a handler is to always let my dog know her exit line before she commits to an obstacle. THIS ‘N THAT will work thru common scenarios with similar setups but different exit lines.

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Are you a Worry weaver?

Tues Aug 27th 9am-12:30pm

1 spots available

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Take the worry out of your dog’s weaving. If you have a dog that weaves great at home but struggles in trial, then this workshop is for YOU! Learn some tricks for helping your dog gain speed and understanding in the weave poles. There is a lot YOU can do be it teaching the weaves or supporting them if you understand how your body motion/position are helping or hindering the process. All dogs welcome! Novice weavers to those in masters wanting to learn more about entries and exits or increase speed. Jump grids, 2x2s, channel weaves, 6s and 12s will all be used.

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