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Sunshine and perfect conditions for our last Coached Fun Match of 2017! Here are the setups for Starters (white circles) and Masters (black numbers). Our focus was turns off contacts and being realistic about getting places - pushing to get there or acknowledging Rear Crosses were the way to go. Rear crosses are trickier than FXs but they have advantages too. A great by-product of Rear Cross training is improved commitment to the obstacle in the face of Handler motion (convergence).  It may not be the best handling choice, but sometimes it is the ONLY handling choice if you just can't get ahead for whatever reason. This setup lets you try a few lines with FX/BX and RX. Enjoy!

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This setup was inspired watching my Masters Standard course run at a trial last wkd. How do you help your dog deal with discriminations (obstacles side by side)? Verbals and physical cues will really help - but if your motion is contradicting what your trained cues are showing it gets dicey for the dog. Try to establish commitment to the correct obstacle BEFORE your motion changes (ie stepping around a tunnel). Get the dog to 'buy in' earlier vs escorting them right up to the board of the DW. I use a physical cue for my DW/Aframe in my training so when a tricky discrimination pops up on course I have that extra bit of information i can use so I can keep running vs 'helping'. Have fun!

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