Wax On, Wax Off

FedX, you always seem so cool, calm, and collected, even when it is another dog's turn to play!  What is your secret to being so chill?  Also I am just little still (4 months old)  What do you think is the most important thing for me to learn in the next few months?  I want to run fast and jump high but I am not allowed to yet!

Your Fan, Decoy

Ah wee grasshopper - so much to learn, so much sheep poop to be eaten! Sheep poop is my Kryptonite. It gives me mental strength and stamina to run fast and think clearly. Do you have sheep at your house?? I'm impressed you can already ride a Deer.  If not, Tuna Fudge will help you learn your lessons too! And the Frizz. The Frizz is the best toy ever invented by Gus' Custom Creations in Ontario. Teach your Mom how to play with you. That is the most important lesson you can teach her. She thinks she is teaching you, but if you show her how to play with the Frizz, and to use it on your jump grids and start lines, she will see how hard you will work to GET THE FRIZZER!!! My Mom always puts my Frizz at the end of whatever agilities we are playing at - one jump or a whole bunch of jumps. I just run fast to get to my Frizzer! So I think it is important she gets you a Frizzer from Gus :) Oh! and here's a tip: don't leave til she says the magic word, like ever. That just delays you getting that Frizzzzzzzz.


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Nicki Gurr