What's your Lucky Charm?

Dear Feddy,

I would like to know if you have any special rituals etc that bring you luck/get your head in the game on trial days??

Love Jesse xxx (Chihuahua)

Hi Jesse, 

Yes, sheep poop!! That always brings me luck. I roll in it at home and always feel great afterwards!! I feel great, smell great and it brings out my highlights (hidden tri factor.)  I've tried to clue my Mom into this first thing trial mornings before she loads us into the van. It seems to make her mad and she then plays the hose game with me. That's fun too - almost as fun as the nugget rolling. So at trial we play the "alternative to sheep poop" game when it is hot outside. That always makes me feel fantastic!! Trials are weird places. All the dogs want to be rolling in poop and the uprights don't bring any?? The two leggeds often look and smell the same as when they take us to the Dr. 

What I like the best at trials is lots of Tuna Fudge!! yummmm. I also like to help the two leggeds and remind them we are NOT at the Doctor's. So I love them all and let them pat me and smile at me. I like to cheer on the dog running ahead of me when I wait my turn. I'm trying to tell him where to go because I've figured out at 8 yrs old how to read these cone things. My favourite trial toy is a small fabric frizzer or a bungee tug. I like to play with either before and definitely after. I like to do some tricks with my Mom before because every trick pays tuna fudge!!! And I always get a special word or two from my Mom as she slips my leash off. I know when she says 'let's do it Feddy Roo Boogaloo" that we are going to run fast! I've figured out the faster I run the sooner I get Tuna Fudge. I also Loooovvvveeeee my warm up back massage - 



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Nicki Gurr