Training with Animotion can take place indoors or outdoors in Duncan, BC on Vancouver Island. Instruction is available in private/semi private format, small groups, workshops, Seminars and Online as well.


We use Rubberized Contacts for fast/safe performance!



connecting on course thru private instruction, workshops & seminars


I started working with Nicki in February of 2010, just about a year now.  I am so happy that I found Nicki when I did!  The results speak for itself as in this past year Slice and I have won the AB/NWT Regional Championships, gone from 10th place in 2009 to 2nd place in 2010 at AAC National Championships and earned a spot on the Canadian Agility Team competing at the World Agility Open in England this May.  If you get the chance to ask Nicki how out of sync Slice and I were, she will giggle and tell you my 4.5 lb dog turned like a Mac truck with the speed of a Ferrari!  This “system” is easy to learn and provides information to your dog in a timely fashion so you both can be where you want to be on course.  I started out running this incredible little Papillon that was pure adrenalin and I just tagged along for the ride.  One year later, she is still my Ferrari on course but now I control the gas and the corners and she has to keep up to me.  Her speed hasn’t changed just the handling.    It is a wonderful feeling to finish the course ahead of my dog instead of watching her run by me to the finish.

Anneli & Slice

WAO Canadian World Team Members 2011

Owner See Spot Run, Edmonton AB

WAO World Champions – Gold Medalists in Pentathalon, Silver Medalists in Biathlon.  An amazing team!!



2011 was an amazing year for Slice and I.  As the results of the training continue to speak for itself, we were named to Team Canada 2011 travelling to England for the World Agility Open (WAO).  The experience was amazing, a lifetime of memories made and that wee little girl blew the world away with her size, speed and ability.  We ran 13 courses over three days and came home with a Gold and Silver medal for our efforts.  As we received our Gold Medal and the national anthem played, I was never more proud of being a Canadian as I was at that moment.  This was my Olympics.

We continue to learn and perfect our skills under Nicki’s expert eye.  2012 is shaping up to be another fantastic year with a trip to Belgium to defend our medals.  Even better, Coach Nicki is along as a team mate this year, it just doesn’t get any better.

Anneli & Pint

In 2010, when Nicki rescued me from myself and sent Slice and I on our way to success, I had the cutest little 7 month old papillon puppy in training.  Pint was lucky enough to learn this system from the beginning.  The results, his knowledge out of the gates is incredible.  He runs tighter smoother lines and understand collection naturally.  There is very little effort in handling him as I know he will jump and land where I expect.  He is very efficient and precise in his jumping and the lines he takes.  He has shown his sister that 9” and 4.5 lbs can corner like a Ferrari.  Truth be told he could beat his sister any day if he wanted to!

Pint is just a year into his agility career and making great strides along the way.  In 2012, he will be travelling as part of Team Canada to compete at the World Agility Open in Belgium.  Quite an accomplishment for such a young lad.

Thanks Nicki for helping us get there.

Anneli Hilton-Arksey & Slice & Pint – Sherwood Park, AB

Daphne and Meg go GOLD!!! Truly a Golden team.

…& their LIFETIME!! July 2, 2011 Congratulations!!










I am very excited with the progress my new dog has made with Nicki Gurr.. The focus on motion versus no motion cues is natural to any dog.  After all, that is what they do when they are playing. For my older fast dog Meg it has taught her to watch my motion to anticipate the turns coming up. Nicki has also taught us to signal these cues ahead of time. We now avoid spins & refusals which were always our downfall.

Daphne Tomblin  & Meg, Leap, Coda, Vancouver Island, BC

Susan & Calla

“A novice handler with a novice dog is a challenging combination for any trainer!  But since beginning Starter classes with Nicki in November, 2011, my Miniature Australian Shepherd, Calla, and I are progressing towards the goal of entering our first trial.  I appreciate the knowledge, experience, planning, attention to detail, and sensitivity for individual (human and canine!) needs that Nicki brings to each class.  She is an excellent teacher!

Even with my short, previous history in agility (six months of foundation skills based on another system), I recognize the value of APHS in the development of a more natural and effective partnership with Calla.  When learning something new, the process may be overwhelming, but Nicki makes the journey into “MSLAVE” make sense through her precise demonstrations and verbal descriptions, and by providing her students with useful feedback.  The atmosphere during class is always positive, encouraging and fun.  And, on several occasions when questions about APHS have popped into my head, Nicki has emailed answers right back.  I have also participated in two of Nicki’s seminars (Jump Grids, Serpentines), and attended several of her lecture/demos (Gambles, 2 x 2 Weaves).  These workshops were both informative and enjoyable!

Nicki’s successes on the local, regional, national, and world agility stages speak loudly for her abilities as a trainer.  Her students are also achieving their goals.  And if our dogs could speak English, they’d be saying, “We love the APHS, it makes sense to us, and we’re happy!”.

Susan Pye and Calla Lily – Mill Bay, BC


I wasn’t new to the APHS system when I started training with Nicki, but she took me to the next level of understanding and being able to implement the system on course in the most effective way. Over the past year I’ve seen my very fun, but wild Sheltie go from choosing his own course to paying amazing attention to my cues. I can’t tell you how exciting it is to run with him as a team now instead of just being on a wild ride.

Of course it’s not just the APHS system that has made such a difference in my handling, timing and training. Nicki is a terrific teacher, and takes the time to make sure all of her students understand the what, why and how of the things she teaches. She has challenged me to be better than I ever thought I could be. As a result, my cues are clearer to my dog, my timing is better, I walk courses with new understanding, and heck, it’s just been a lot of fun learning new things.

I also want to mention how supportive Nicki is of her students. She is always happy to answer questions or provide feedback. She is helping me with the mental management aspects of competition, and brings both honesty and encouragement to her instruction. I am looking forward to working with her in the year ahead and seeing just where all this training might go!

Kiri Westnedge – Victoria, BC

Philippa & Tag

I have 2 dogs, a five year old Australian Shepherd and a new pup – an Icelandic Sheepdog. My Aussie was originally trained using another system and tends to jump long, his turning was not good and we just didn’t seem tobe able to work well as a team. Was it because the cues I was giving him were not as good as they could have been? Ihandling systems a couple ofyears ago to APHS and I am still learning, but I have noticed such a difference in the way the dog responds to me. He turns much tighter now,takes less bars down because he is getting the information not just from my mouth verbally from behind, but from my body motion. As this system is based on my motion and my being in front of my dog, he gets the information he needs sooner and can use that info more efficiently to shave seconds off of our times.


I feel now we are moving in the right direction of becoming a team.  I have started my youngster now on this system and know that both of us will benefit from this system of handling. Of course Nicki’s expert training comes into play, explaining things, breaking the system down  and is able to tell me why my dog responds to what I have done (or not done).I would say that if you want to get the most out of the time you put in training your dog, you would be well advised to go with this system of training and reap the rewards it can potentially offer you and your team mate.


Philippa Sloan & Tag & Lukka, Vancouver Island, BC

Monica, Mya & Jagger

I have been taking classes from Nicki Gurr for over three years now.  Nicki always challanges me and makes me think outside of the box.  She pushes me to show me that I can do it and I can make it.  Her “do it ” attitude makes you feel that you CAN do it too!  My young dog, Jagger, has been only taught this system, which I love, and my dog does too.  What I like about Nicki, is that she keeps taking seminars from top handlers from all over the world which means I get all the information straight from the horse’s mouth!  Also, I am happy that I have her as a teacher and a mentor!

Monika Zanker – 2 Paws Up Dog Sports – Victoria, BC

Karen & Hope

I have been taking workshops/classes with Nicki since March 2011 with my young Keeshond dog.  Nicki has great teaching skills, breaking things down so that it is understandable and makes sense. I like how she shows us how to do things properly, but also shows us the difference in how it would work if we did it wrong.

I am fairly new to this system, but have seen the advantages of how it is motivating to my dog, and continues to give us both confidence and team building.  I also like that this system doesn’t slow my dogs speed down, it just allows my dog to move more independently such as when I tell her to go in one direction as I am running in the other.  The dogs have much tighter turns and this method will help when there is some ‘traps’ on course that we are needing to avoid.

In the past I may not have known what went wrong on course, but I have such a better understanding now, that I am able to know why things may have gone wrong!   This method is also helping with running my older Kees, and proves that the dogs take to this naturally.

I continue to look forward to future classes, and would highly recommend Nicki’s classes to anyone that is interested in learning a motivating method for you and your dog.

Karen Kelley & Hope – Victoria, BC

Amanda, Aries & Keep-Her

When I first met Nicki in March 2010 I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was new to the agility world, and was soon to compete in my first official trial with my first agility dog Aries, a nearly 3 yr old Bichon mix. Up to that point we had trained on a open tool box type method that gave us the skills for obstacles and an understanding for handling, but looking back I can see that I was pretty clueless about what I didn’t even realise I was (or in most cases wasn’t) doing. With Aries, I thought our main struggle was focus.  She was frequently sluggish and detaching into sniffing behaviour. Looking back it was likely more related to me frequently stopping to wait and almost always being beside her on courses. I now know no motion equals no motion and if I’m beside her she doesn’t know what is needed next.

Aries and I are much more in sync now.  She doesn’t need to worry about being wrong and guessing what to do. With me ahead giving direction, she knows before she gets there what comes next.  Aries has come far from the sniffy inattentive girl she was and has moved all the way up to AAC masters and not only placed in 2011 AB/NWT  Regionals, but qualified and competed in Nationals. Far exceeding my expectations we placed 4th at Nationals. When I run with Keep-Her because she’s grown up on this system she reads deceleration cues, lines and tight turns so nicely and executes the maneuver almost effortlessly. I’m sure with time and a little maturation she’ll be an awesome and consistent teammate who’ll reach the podium at both Regional and National events.

Amanda Schmidt, Aries & Keep-Her –  Sherwood Park, AB

Shona Rose 2nd place 10″ Veterans 2011 BC Regionals

I have found Nicki Gurr to be an excellent instructor. If you didn’t understand the concept the first time, she easily found another way to explain it to you.  This handling system has increased my understanding  & awareness of my dog’s natural responsiveness to my body language & movement.  Also how the motion effects my dogs jumping.  As I’m becoming more fluent with the motion and hand signals, it almost feels like I’m  dancing with my dog. You feel a sense of rhythm. The APHS system is helping me to run ‘at one’ with my fast sheltie. (instead of me always running to catch-up with her).  That system hasn’t worked in the past.  Thank you Nicki for bringing the APHS system to Vancouver Island.

Mary Louise Hodgson…(Retired Music Teacher)…Owned by Bonnie and Shona Rose (Shetland Sheepdogs)






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