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Agility Training Journal

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Trial Record Book

Click/select ‘full size’ to read about our new Agility Record Book – more than just a record keeper. This book is for goal setting and reflecting on your runs.

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 Purchase 10 books and receive the 11th free! (A copy for the Coach?) OR save 10% on the purchase of 10 or more books.  This first run will NOT last long. Record Books will ship on/before Sept. 15th. (Shipping not incl.)

Introductory Special!! Purchase both books for $46.00 (approx $36 US)

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Agility Training Journal

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“Wow Nicki Gurr!!!! These are awesome and are way more than I expected and exactly what I need!!!!! Thank you ” – Dawn Hubick

“This is my bible! There is no better way to organize my training and trial results! My favourite feature is the trial notes section – I love that it forces me to focus on the positive aspects of every run before I get into the nitty gritty of what I could have improved upon!” – Kendra Waugh

“I wish I had this three years ago! My old trial book was just a drugstore notebook. My notes were totally disorganized so it wasn’t very useful. I love the layout and structure of this journal, and the ability to track trial results is awesome.” – Sherene Hunt




…a way to Connect on Course, Online!! Offering Agility Courses in Handling, Skill building and Foundation.  Finally a way to bridge the geographical gap between all of us, so skills can be kept sharp between seminars and workshops. AniMotion Agility’s online courses are presented on a VERY user friendly private Forum. 

Training for Distance Work:



Go from this….Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 6.18.53 PM  to this! Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 6.20.14 PM

Whether you are new to the game of Gamblers, or you are experienced but looking for more success in the Gamblers ring, ‘Training For Distance Work: Gambling Skills Level 1″ will illuminate and educate how to handle your dog when you can’t be nearby. This course will have four lessons, posted bi-weekly to allow enough time to practice the new skills demo’d/explained. There will be video and worksheets to take to the field for your practice sessions. I have had success at the National level with Shelties and Border Collies winning this game of strategy and distance handling. Level 1 will get you on your way to success in Starters/Advanced Gamblers classes.  Level 2 will follow as a future course – for graduates of Level 1. Equipment needed: 3 jump, 1 tunnel, 1 piece of contact equipment nice but not necessary, 2 cones or jump uprights/pool noodles.

 Start Date: MONDAY September 4th –  Four lessons posted Biweekly.

Cost $160 Cdn + gst    Registration Closed

21 JUMP STREET! – 5 minutes with One Jump 

I’m excited about this new course!! “21 Jump Street” is designed to give you easy drills requiring just ONE  jump to improve MANY aspects of your dog’s performance in just five minutes a day! Drills will address: building strength, improving distance work, increasing your dog’s commitment to backsides, working Collection and Extension, handling cues for front side/backside approaches, one jump drills for serpentines, threadles, pushbacks, Blind Crosses.  Easy to do anywhere! 3-4 drills per week for 6 weeks.

Materials required: One jump  (preferably a wing jump and/or a wingless)

Start Date: Monday September 4th – 6 lessons posted  weekly

Cost $200 Cdn + gst    Registration Closed

Coach’s EyeS     

Are you looking for feedback on your runs – when training or when trialling? Do you want clarity on WHY you are getting faults, and what you can do to prevent them the next time that scenario presents on course? Coach’s EyeS is private coaching between me and you.  Six runs are submitted over a three month period for review by me. Strengths and areas to work on will be elaborated on by way of short drills. Drills can be submitted for further feedback. This program can be custom tailored to suit your needs for feedback – ie time frame for trials, availability to work the drills etc. 

Cost for 6 “Watch ‘n Work” sessions $240.00 + gst

Registration Now Open! (comparable to a 6 week session of handling classes but the benefits of Private lessons. Start Date ongoing.)

Season 10!!

“if you can’t block the judge’s view, then Bootcamp is a Must for you!”


Two On Two Off Cyber BOOTCAMP!

Whether your stopped contacts are broken, or you are training them for the first time, this course will have you on your way to brilliant contacts! NO CONTACT EQUIPMENT REQUIRED. This course is 8 lessons/8 weeks. Lessons will be posted weekly.   It is suitable for puppies too! (aged 6 months +). Material list will be provided upon registration. For adult dogs –  By the end of this course, you will be ready to take what you’ve learned to real Contact equipment.   If you are tired of not Qualifying because of those ‘pesky contacts’ help is on the way! Fall is the perfect time to do this work. Start 2018 with confidence on your contacts. Embrace the Yellow!   The work can be done IN your home.  Video may be uploaded for my feedback as often as you like.  This next session begins MONDAY September 4th – and wraps up November 5th. At the completion of Bootcamp you will be able to commence back chaining on Contact equipment.

*Working spots only*. Sorry, no auditing.

Recent Bootcamp graduates :  establishing clarity with consistency pays off for brilliant contacts.

Ewok Before Bootcamp:

Ewok after Graduating/Backchaining:

8 weeks –  Boot Camp covers foundation thru to Back Chaining a plank.

Start Date: Monday September 4th

Cost  $295 Cdn+gst    Registration Closed

“Nicki’s online 2020 Bootcamp has been so good for Jewel & I.  Jewel is a young dog, just learning what this agility stuff is all about.  I’m now learning how to properly teach her the 2020.  I already knew the importance of it because I didn’t have it with my older dog…only that slow creeping down the final section of the dogwalk.  Thank you Nicki for your very clear explanations, videos, and feedback.  Also, your computer setup for your class is by far the easiest I’ve experienced.”  Jo-Anne von Schleinitz  – BC

“Very valuable, was awesome having another set of eyes and someone else holding me  accountable on my cueing. The break down of the exercises was great, well explained.”Thanks Nicki.  Lynda Caughlan, Olds AB

Thank you Nicki for all your help. This course has helped us with so much more than just 2020. Impulse control is one of Tally’s difficult tasks and we now have some of the tools to improve that as well as a better understanding of our criteria for 2020. Can’t wait for the next part!” Sandy Mack, Vancouver

“Nicki… thank you. Finally a training session I actually worked through!  It has been wonderfully powerful having small sessions that are actually small sessions and not something you have to spend hours figuring out how to do it. The course was fun, useful and your feedback was beneficial.”  Joanie-Leigh Elliot, Vancouver BC

“This course is definitely more about what the handler learns than the dog. Step by step, attention to details, weekly accountability, and patience…it was hard work…and fun, too. We are going to have killer contacts.”  Claire Cragon

“You  can spend a lot of time training what you think will give you the result you want but are you really? This step by step process helped me learn that I was not training what I thought and my dog did not know what was expected. The precise, immediate and abundant feedback helped us follow our plan more quickly and exactly to get the best outcome.” Louise Schulz

What are the benefits of taking agility instruction online? How can I learn without the instructor there watching me? 

The biggest benefit to online learning in my opinion, is that all learning modalities can be addressed, ensuring everyone will take in the info in the way they learn best: seeing demonstrations, reading tips on how to execute skills, participating in group discussions,  and being able to print off drills, course maps and feedback vs writing them all down in the moment… students can learn by seeing, doing, reading, writing and chatting with their group members. Having the opportunity to work on a skill for a few sessions before submitting for feedback is preferred by many, too.

Online learning doesn’t replace the live interaction between student and instructor but it is a wonderful way to keep skills sharp and make progress between visits 🙂

What students had to say … 

My sheltie Echo and I have taken two sets of Nicki’s online classes and would definitely recommend them to everyone!  Nicki’s online classes have helped propel Echo and I into a whole new level of fast and fun agility!  We have come together as a team and I have noticed not only a change in my dog’s skill level, but also in myself. I have become a more confidant handler and as a result my dog has become faster, and agility has become so much more fun for both of us! 

 I had never taken any kind of online agility classes before and did not know what to expect, however I was very impressed! Nicki’s lessons are well organized and current! So many of the skills that we worked on in the lessons, I then saw on courses at local trials!  I highly recommend online learning to anyone who really wants to connect with and better understand their dog! I am learning so much about Echo through the process of the online classes because I am working through the material at my own pace and I am able to really tune in to my dog and see what she likes, doesn’t like, how much she can handle, etc.  Video taping the drills and reviewing them while deciding which runs to submit for homework made me very aware of what I was doing and how my dog was reacting to my movements and actions. This has really helped Echo and I come together as a team! 

 The feedback I receive from each lesson is super! Nicki is always open to answering questions and takes time to provide thorough feedback in a positive way conducive to great learning! It’s like having private lessons in a group setting, as Nicki provides a lot of individual support, and at the same time I am able to see other students’ videos and read their feedback on the forum as well!

 This year Echo and I participated in the 2013 BC/Yukon Regional Agility Championships, where we had a fabulous weekend, ran all 6 of our runs clean, and were the Regional Champions in our height division! Before starting to train online with Nicki in January I never would have dreamed this to be possible!  We also participated in the 2013 National Agility Championships where once again Echo and I were able to run all 6 of our runs clean, and placed 3rd overall in our height division! I am blown away by what Echo and I have been able to achieve! 

 Nicki’s online classes have helped us reach a level where being on the podium at both the regional and national level in the same year IS attainable and achievable for us! Thank you for everything Nicki! Echo and I look forward to continuing to learn from you!  – Cathy Lienert & Echo

“I have taken many on-line courses regarding dog training and dog sports and not one instructor comes close to the amount of personal time each of us got from Nicki. We all got to submit our homework via video and got personal feedback with a lot of details. This course is a 2-way street of communication which is invaluable and incomparable to  the ‘sit back and watch’ courses one often sees on-line.”Sherry Antonishen – Owner, Smart Dog Training – BC 

“I think Nicki’s online training is an amazing way to learn agility.  Especially since I live in Alberta and don’t have access to regular “live” classes.  This is an awesome way to fill the gap between seminars.  I really like the fact you get to view yourself on video on a regular basis.  I learned so much on how I handle my dog through the online sessions.  I am definitely going to sign up for another course in the fall.”

Mike Seekings – Alberta

“I  participated in Nicki’s  On-Line Pilot Project with my young dog Lukka. Nicki is born to teach, in a classroom situation or an on-line situation. Each week’s lessons were well thought out, using video, maps and simple exercises which made us think and put us through our paces. I loved going out to train with a purpose, knowing exactly what I was going to practice. Typically we fall into the trap of ‘doing what is comfortable and successful’ when we go out to train by ourselves.  Now I had to be accountable and I had the tape to look at afterwards for reference. Nicki reviewed all the videos we sent and gave lots of feedback. This course really pushed me out of my comfort zone as each person could view everyone else’s tapes and learn from training challenges that person was having, or from the fabulous run they just did!!  We all had input on each other’s homework and got a few new on- line training buddies in the process. It worked for me!!! It’s a win/win!!  Can’t wait to see what she has in store for us next.  Thanks Nicki!”

Philippa Sloan – BC

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