Connecting on course thru private instruction, workshops & seminars

Puppy, Foundation, Novice, Advanced, Masters/International. Small Group and Private lessons.  For more info please email. Group instruction is limited to 4-5 dogs max in a class.  Contact me if you would like to be notified of upcoming workshops and seminars.  I am putting together Fall Class lists now so please email if you would like to sign up for group classes. Young Puppy Class available in September!! Possibly 1 spot available.



E-mail to book a private lesson. Privates are limited to one area of handling and are 60 minutes long.  They can be shared between 2 dogs (semi private).  30 minute lessons are only available for working on performance of one obstacle/skill.

Note: Lessons must be paid for 24 hours before scheduled lesson. 

Private lessons may be available on weekends as time permits. Email for further info if you are unable to make it during the week.


August 18, Black Creek, TaG – UKI Trial

Sept 23-24 AniMotion Agility, Duncan BC- UKI Sanctioned Trial, Judged by: Nicki Gurr

2017 – 2018 UKI ANIMOTION premium

October 7-8 Edmonton, AB DAL – AAC Trial

October 20-22  Vancouver, Leaps ‘n Bounds – AAC Trial

November 17-19  Victoria, SMART Dog – AAC Trial

January 20-21, 2018 Edmonton, BLAST Agility – AAC/UKI Trial


Outdoor Arena 75 x 115 sand/fibre

AniMotion Fun Matches combine a trial-like atmosphere (full course) coupled with a mini clinic format to provide learning in addition to running courses. There are two courses. The first is two minutes per dog to do as you wish, the second is analyzed beforehand, tips for running discussed and then each team is given feedback on the run. It is Excellent value at just $45 for a 2.5 hour morning. Limited to 10 dogs.

Next match announced soon! Stay tuned…

EMAIL to request a spot and registration link will then be sent to you.


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